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Wilk Ranch est. 1928 --> 7L7 Ranches

Cattle Boss Butchers

Established in 1928 the original Wilk settlers purchased their first 1/4 of land, grew enough grain to sell & make just enough money to purchase a small herd of Black Angus cows.  Years later that original foundation is still carried on to this day.  From the 1950's till 1990 the Wilk family ran a mixed farm; raising both cattle and growing grain.



In 1990, with 2nd generation Wilk's at the helm they moved over to strictly focusing on cattle ranching.  The herd was expanded every year & rotational grazing was implemented.



In 2004, Don Wilk & Robin Wilk took over the ranch & a new name - 7L7 Ranches - with a dream & a goal to expand into more custom butchering. After selling quality customer butcher beef for years, we saw an opportunity & a need in the market for quality, farm raised & finished, all natural butchered beef.  The butcher beef (division) of our program had grown exponentially to the point where a decision had to be made, and that is where the idea of building our own processing facility / abattoir originated.  An idea that turned to reality.


Construction started in January 2018 & enrollment into Olds College meat processing training began.


The name Cattle Boss Butchers was agreed upon & the rest, as they would say, is History.


Thank you for visiting our site!  We are excited to share our passion for good quality meats with our customers near & far.  Whatever your cooking style is, we know you'll be impressed.

Thank you.


established in 2019

Cattle Boss Butchers came to fruition in 2019 by the efforts of Don & Rhona Wilk.

We are proud to be South West Saskatchewan's newest & most cutting edge facility, located on our ranch near Fox Valley, Saskatchewan.  We specialize in farm raised & finished beef.  Our products begin with quality animals that we raise ourselves, free range, hormone & antibiotic free. We run an Angus based cow herd utilizing Black Simmental bulls, this cross makes the most perfectly complete butcher animal.  Our family run facility uses state of the art equipment, with all new stainless steel benches & employs the most efficient meat cutting techniques giving you the absolute most value for your animal.  

At Cattle Boss Butchers we maintain the highest standard of quality assurance in the workplace.  


We do custom cutting, sausage making, jerky, pepperoni, bacon and hams.  All our meat is cryovac packaged and frozen quickly to preserve freshness at its peak.  


Come for a visit & check out our products!

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With such a wide variety to choose from we know we have something for everyone.  No matter what you're cooking style is, we've got you covered.

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